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Members are listed based on the alphabetical order of their first name


Dr Houyuan Luo

Dr Houyuan Luo is a registered counselling and clinical psychologist in private practice in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

Houyuan has received solid training in providing psychological assessment and psychotherapy to adults with various difficulties such as mood, anxiety, trauma, grief and loss, relationship, psychosis and medical concerns. Additionally, he has received a one-year online training in CBT and ACT respectively from Evidence-Based Practice Institute (Seattle, U.S.) Houyuan joined the ACBS in 2015 and served as the Student Representative in the Board of ACBS from 2016-2017. Since then, Houyuan has co-founded the Asian Culture and CBS SIG and the Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion SIG. Additionally, Houyuan has been one of the moderators for the ACT for Public listserv since 2016.

JacobMartinez Headshot short.jpg

Jacob Martinez, LPC

Jacob Martinez is a licensed professional counselor, he specializes in using the ACT Matrix, a graphical user interface for analyzing human behavior, and in creating novel ACT interventions. His goal is to help clinicians become fluent in ACT and to be able to think outside the books/box. Jacob is an active member of the Association for Contextual Behavioral Science, and served as the president of the Texas Chapter of ACBS from 2017-2018. He regularly offers training and consultations to professionals interested in ACT, and is always glad to answer questions and provide resources to clinicians to help them become the best they can be. He currently works in private practice in Kenosha, Wisconsin. When he is not thinking about ACT, Jacob is an avid Texas-style BBQ-er and brisket smoker.

Jennifer Payne_0.jpeg

Dr Jennifer Shepard Payne

Jennifer Shepard Payne, PhD, LCSW is an Associate Professor at Azusa Pacific University in the School of Behavioral and Applied Sciences (Los Angeles County, California). She received her doctorate from the UCLA School of Public Affairs and is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker with many years of experience in mental health clinical practice and administration. She is also the Founder of DTG Counseling and Consulting, a private practice where she provides ACT-based therapy and social services to ministers and church-based laity ( She is the Principal Investigator of the Urban Pastor's Project and the Clergy Depressive Counseling Survey, two studies that obtained data from pastors about their beliefs and treatment practices surrounding depression and mental health. Her research interests include developing culturally tailored community-based depression and trauma interventions and addressing minority mental health disparities.


Katelyn E. Burdette, M.Ed., BCBA

Katelyn E. Kendrick is a Board Certified Behavior Analyst and is currently the Clinical Supervisor of two Early-Intensive Behavioral Intervention clinics in the north Denver-Metro area. She has worked in education since 2009, and specifically, behavior analysis since 2013. In 2015, she received a BA in History, with a concentration in United States history. She subsequently received her master’s degree in Education, with a concentration in Behavior Analysis, from the University of Cincinnati in 2017. Currently, she is planning to continue pursuing a PhD in Applied Behavior Analysis. For over 10 years, she has worked with a variety of diverse families, providing home, clinic, and community-based intervention services for individuals on the autism spectrum and a wide variety of other diagnoses. She frequently provides ACT-based parent training and has presented professionally on topics such as Decolonization and the ACT Framework, Behavior Analysis and ACT, and cultural competence in Behavior Analysis. Outside of behavior analysis, ACT, and RFT, Katelyn enjoys musical theatre, social justice, genealogy, talk radio, cooking, and politics. 



Lucia Loureiro

My name is Lucia Loureiro. I'm a clinical psychologist from Buenos Aires, Argentina, where I currently live. I'm part of a DBT team and I also work in private practice using ACT. I'm very happy to be part of the Diversity, Equity and Inclusion SIG, where I will take the role of liaison between the SIG and the DEI Committee. My hope is that together we can bring about changes within ACBS so that all people, with all their differences and uniqueness can feel genuinely part of ACBS.


Peter Loa

Peter Loa is a PhD student with James Cook University in north Queensland in Australia. He lives in a rural town with a Malaysian Chinese background and identifies as same-sex attracted. 


Sandi James M.Ed, PGradPsy

Sandi James is an Australian registered psychologist and addictions therapist specialising in mental illness and trauma recovery. She is a qualified Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT) clinician and Dialectical Behaviour Therapy (DBT) practitioner. Sandi was employed at the Universiti Malaysia Sabah for 2 years prior to relocating to Thailand to pursue further clinical expertise and practice in addiction and trauma treatment. Sandi is also a Scientific Writer for The Joanna Briggs Institute, writing evidence summaries in the areas of Public Health and evidence-based medical practice. Sandi is currently undertaking Graduate Research candidature in Social Policy with La Trobe University, Australia. Sandi’s research focus is on the traditional use of alcohol in the indigenous communities of Sabah. Other research interests include evidence-based treatments for mental illness, ACT and Ultra Brief Psychological Interventions, collaborative health care provision, and alcohol harm reduction in Sabah. She is currently involved in numerous research projects in Sabah related to these topics.

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